The human race is facing myriad problems with each passing day. While the high and mighty and the rich are wallowing in a luxurious and opulent life, the ordinary people have to bear the yoke of poverty, diseases, communal violence, natural disasters etc. Some religious sections believe that all the hardships they have to endure on this earth are a natural culmination of what they had done in their previous incarnation/life. On the other, the atheists take refuge in the skewed and irrational theory that all these occur because of the natural law. An objective and thinking human being is left in the lurch, as he won’t be able to reach any concrete conclusion.
All that some organizations and individuals do for social change can’t cure all the ills of the society. Worst, their fight against the society’s evils ends up as mere shadow wars. Under the shadow of distress, social service, religion or science, both religious and non-religious outfits are vying each to garner the support of people. For achieving this, they subtly present vague and deceptive ideas before the public. Some other sections exhibit titillating and mediocre presentations before the general public. Amid all these vice and chaos, the ordinary people are either helpless or lead a slave-like life without ever knowing the dangerous situation they are immersed in.

There are innocent souls who wish to lead their lives without causing any problems to anyone. They spend their life praying that no hardships would befall on their heads. But just as they sit nonchalantly, lots of pangs and agonies would creep into their mind. Is there any end to this? What is a solution for this? Only when these thoughts lead to some fundamental deliberations, we will be satisfied.

What is this fundamental thought? That is the thought about the relation between men, God and earth. God is most merciful to his creations. God has bestowed 99 percent of his compassion to His own creation on the earth. Be it the love of a mother to her baby or the show of compassion that all the living beings including the human beings demonstrate each other, that is only the reflection of what the Almighty has bestowed to His creations; that is compassion. Why does then the God cause these kinds of hardships and calamities? Is it a way of testing the men? Have all these human beings been sent to earth in order to fight each other and shed a lot of blood? Never. God is not responsible for this. We cannot blame the fate here.

Earth is only a small gift from the God. Just be fore embarking on the creation of human beings. God said to His angels:” I am going to send men to the earth as my representative”. Thus human beings were sent to earth as the representative of God. What is the duty of this representative? To preserve the safety of the Universe (Holy Quran33: 72). To safeguard the earth with utmost care and desist from making any chaos there. (Holy Quran7: 54-56). This is because of the fact that the safe and natural existence of earth depends on the rightful acceptance of the rules by men prescribed by the God. The test before men is that whether he is willing to follow that guidelines or not (67:17)
(Holy Quran67: 1-4).

This is the reason why human beings get special preference and reverence from the God. This is what makes humans different from other living beings. (Holy Q u ran 17:70). So men should accept the fact that he is the representative of God and that he has to lead a life as prescribed by the God. Humans have imbibed enough knowledge, including all the rules and norms-from the Almighty for leading an unadulterated life. Men should lead a life that is dedicated to God, exuding the aroma of love to his fellow –beings. He should lead a life without any trace of sins so that he can lead the society to the right path: this is the essence of innate knowledge in human nature.

It is God’s justice that is to be adopted on the earth. On the other, if men lead a wayward life defying God’s Law, the universe will meet with an immature death. Earth will be like hell. That will be a big blot to the significance of God. It is tantamount to deriding the sanity, justice and compassion of the Almighty. This kind of violation can’t be allowed in any way. God will give maximum punishment to these kinds of mischievous persons.
It was when the high-and-mighty, goaded by the Satan, imposed their will and wishes on the earth disregarding the Godly will that the Almighty begun to sent prophets for the mankind (Holy Q u ran 16:36). Thus, when men failed to implement the Laws of God and there was a breach of what God had taught men. Prophets were sent to men to lead the man from darkness and to implement justice on the earth. Holy scriptures [1] were sent to men through the Prophets to lead the men into the right path and to warn those who tread the erratic path. (Holy Quran 2:213). But Satan always likes the sacrilegious ways and finds solace in creating havoc and anarchy by dividing men [2]. This is due to the fact that when God declared the creation of men, Satan challenged Him. Jealousy and arrogance personified: that is Satan. He created problems all across the world. He makes this possible by befriending those people who design artificial laws in the earth. Thus those who were to tread the right path become the friends of Satan. These people then try to impose their own will and begin to rule the men. They place Satan instead of the Almighty. Thus Satan becomes successful in his bid to subvert the universal rule. [3]. When people begin to follow Satan, human life on earth becomes miserable and chaotic. This is the most heinous way of downgrading the Almighty among the human beings. That is the reason why Holy Quran terms the yielding to sacrilegious way of living as polytheism. Polytheism is considered as a great sin.
There is no harm, whatsoever, if some sections of people worship cross, tomb or stone. The repercussions of such actions are related only to their hereafter. That is why both in the spiritual and political system, people belonging to various religions are given space just like the believers. But these actions (worshipping other than God) are also considered polytheism. After deserting the divine way of rule the society embraced the artificial method in politics. This has resulted in total anarchy and instability. This kind of frustration has led to polytheism. Men should realize this reality. Then only we can extricate men from the wrong notion about God.
Men are under the yoke of an artificial political system. He needs to go back to a system prescribed by the God. Any sensible person should strive for achieving the system ordained by the God that will give them eternal peace and solace. Instead, there is no point in segregating as Hindus, Christians or Muslims. All the truth-seekers in these communities as well in other communities should get the light of God’s Law. They should be invited to the system of governance prescribed by the God.

There may be people in all communities who would act as obstructers in this endeavour to wards God’s path. They are surrounded by the Satan. When there are hindrances or when there are efforts to cripple the effort to God’s path, prayer is the ideal way to overcome them. This will give the believers the wherewithal to hold on to truth and justice, (1:5). Only through the implementation of God’s Law can there be a rightful solution to the problems of human beings.

Those who undergo torture during their endeavour to achieve God’s command will be accepted as martyrs by the God. Such people will have special consideration before the God (Holy Q u ran 12:154). The God’s sheath of protection will guard the believers from all evils and ills.(Hoy Q u ran 12:24,13:11,40:9).the Holy scriptures will shed light for them. The God will answer the prayers of these people only. The heaven is reserved only for these people and death will be an easy thing for them.

For all the problems and happenings faced by the society and the men, there are certain precise reasons and laws ordained by the Almighty. They operate as per the political systems that have dominated the society and men’s reaction to them.**** Men have lost track the comprehensive way that controls life and it is a reality that such a society will be led to anarchism. This means everyone will act only for his\her own personal gains.
The rich who try to grab all the resources in the earth by befriending the ruling class and religious heads, the oppressive rulers who divide people, the industrial monopolies who unscrupulously try to exploit and ruin the earth, the media houses/medicine manufacturers/public servants/doctors who make profit by exploiting the pangs and sufferings caused by environmental disasters and other calamities as a result of following the sacrilegious ways, the police and courts that succumb to bribe and muscle power, prayer houses that have become the centres of exploitation…. These are some of the few components that can be attributed to a situation where God’s rule of law is not prevalent. There are occasions when God-fearing person's developmental trauma when their wishes are not met. This will lead some to think that God is a false concept and that there is no world hereafter. Some other may turn to terrorist/extremists groups as they loss mental balance. Yet, there are a certain section of people who think that through ‘secular’ means they can solve problems like fascism and terrorism. However, we need to realize the fact that the character of human beings and that of the nature cannot be influenced by these frivolous means. (Holy Quran8:64, 3:83, 7:24) 
Thus, it is ludicrous to think that without any political awareness, one can become the true follower of God or ‘sufi’ simply through prayers. Because, it is the prevailing social system that sustains or pollutes the mind. It is our senses that take in all the evil thoughts into our minds. It is the material world that controls the senses in the minds of the human beings. These material surroundings are influenced by the political system existing here. That is the reason why the society continues to lead a wayward life despite several speeches and myriad of publications that warn about after life etc. So this kind of world order reminds us one thing: that there is no point in suggesting apolitical remedies to solve those material as well as spiritual problems being faced by the individual and the society.

How can men achieve eternal peace if they leave their life to be controlled by an entirely anti-God system? How can we expect elixir from a tree with poisonous roots? So let those who want to grow the tree of sublimity find out its seeds.

Let our minds be elucidated that the world order is crashing as we follow a materialised and anti-God system; and that as a natural corollary to that, human beings may destroy the natural balance of nature; and that men may be questioned by the God hereafter for his role in all these.(Holy Q u ran 102:8, 3:191)Let all the truth-seekers come to the firm conclusion that no other system other than the one ordained by the God is right and practical. These people will be the ones oho are fortunate enough to be blessed by the Almighty for self-purification. These are the ones who pave the way for the implementation of God’s law and thereby destroying the evil forces on the earth. Lt is these people who will be selected by the God as the predecessors of the earth. At that time, the earth will retain its natural order and glory. Justice will prevail in the society.
So be dynamic. Let’s call back the humanity for the emancipation and solace of min and for keeping up the natural well being of this universe.
May the Almighty bless us.

Abdul Rahman Kolathara
(Traslated by Firoz Trivandrum)

•    The God has always sent scriptures to all human races in order to shed light on the right path and to validate the innate orientation of one’s self. The THORA, SABOOR and INJEEL were sent to the people of Israel through prophets such as Moses, David and Jesus. The God preserved all these scriptures including those previously-sent ones through the revelations by the prophets. All those scriptures were in oral form unlike Quran which was written and could be read. It was after making enough corrections and amendments in the previous scriptures that the God sent Quran through Prophet Mohammed. As per the will of the God, Prophet Mohammad’s followers made Quran into written form. Quran will last till the end of the world unlike the previous scriptures which needed the help of concerned Prophets to safeguard the scriptures. 

The Muslim organizations have been propagating that scriptures like the THORA were initially in written forms and that it was the sinister priesthood that doctored with the Holy Scriptures. According to them Bible, which is the Religious Scripture of Christian and Jews, is really the doctored up version of earlier Scriptures such as THORA, INJEEL and SABOOR? However, these readings about earlier scriptures is both skewed and against the spirit of Islam. The fact is that those scriptures in the world including Bible don’t have any relation with previous scriptures. These were written by human beings and then the world was made believe that those were the words of the God

**The general notion is that Satan is created by the God to test the human beings, But there is no mention in Holy Scripture to corroborate this, Jinn was accursed by God when this spiritual being disobeyed His command that it (Jinn) should approve God’s representative in earth: the human beings. (Jinn: a spirit created by God in the lines of man to remain submissive to God‘s will). Thus the term ‘Satan’ was used by the God to refer Jinn. Satan is the tendency to disobey God. That is prevalent both in human beings and in Jinn alike. (Holy Quran 18:50).

*** “….Satan makes them promises and creates is in them false promises; but Satan’s promises are nothing but deception”. (Holy Quran 4:120)
“When he turns his back, His aim everywhere is to spread mischief through the earth and destroy crops and cattle. But Allah loveth not mischief”.(Holy Quran 2:205)
**** “Verily never will Allah change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves”.

“From the land that is clean and good, By the will of its Cherisher springs up produce, but from the land that is bad springs up nothing but that which is niggardly.(Holy Quran 7:58) Show Holy Quran(7:96,5:66).